Laura Haines

Laura is a Christian, a wife, a daughter. She has a BBehavSci and GradDipCouns. She works as an International Student Worker at St Helen's Bishopsgate, London.

Made Welcome

Photo by Bernard Hermant / Unsplash A couple of weeks ago I have travelled to and from Australia for the funeral of my Granddad. (Unfortunately only to Melbourne, I was unable to visit Tasmania). I have been reflecting on some of the experiences I have had across the week I was…

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Beneath the Shiny London Exterior: Culture Shock and Homelessness

Photo credit [1] If you know me you'll know that I have recently moved with my husband to work in London. It's a pretty fun city, very busy, always a lot going on, and so many famous landmarks, places and people. But since living here for the last 2 months…

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Another 'Plausibility Problem'

Photo credit[1] If you've read 'The Plausibility Problem' by Ed Shaw you'll know that the premise of this excellent book is that there is a problem of plausibility when people look at what God asks of people who are same-sex attracted in the Bible. Is it actually a liveable…

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Book Review: Practical Theology For Women

Another book by a wonderful woman! Although I talk about Wendy Alsup all the time, I had only ever read her blog. So I was curious to read her in a longer format of a book. When I first heard the title of the book (which is also the title…

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Strange Bedfellows? The Temperance and Suffrage Movements

Pictures[1] While writing a workshop on feminism for the students I work with I was looking at the history of the feminist movement. The start of feminism really started with the Suffrage movement, the push for women to be able to vote. Now, I knew that there were many…

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