Laura Haines

Laura is a Christian, a wife, a daughter. She has a BBehavSci and GradDipCouns. She works as an International Student Worker at St Helen's Bishopsgate, London.

Beneath the Shiny London Exterior: Culture Shock and Homelessness

Photo credit If you know me you'll know that I have recently moved with my husband to work in London. It's a pretty fun city, very busy, always a lot going on, and so many famous landmarks, places and people. But since living here for the last 2 months I…

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Another 'Plausibility Problem'

Photo credit If you've read 'The Plausibility Problem' by Ed Shaw you'll know that the premise of this excellent book is that there is a problem of plausibility when people look at what God asks of people who are same-sex attracted in the Bible. Is it actually a liveable life-style…

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Book Review: Practical Theology For Women

Another book by a wonderful woman! Although I talk about Wendy Alsup all the time, I had only ever read her blog. So I was curious to read her in a longer format of a book. When I first heard the title of the book (which is also the title…

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Strange Bedfellows? The Temperance and Suffrage Movements

Pictures While writing a workshop on feminism for the students I work with I was looking at the history of the feminist movement. The start of feminism really started with the Suffrage movement, the push for women to be able to vote. Now, I knew that there were many Christians…

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Do We Need Someone in Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?

There has been much discussion over the last few weeks around authority over teaching in the 'Christian Blogosphere'. How do we minimise the influence of bloggers who have unhealthy things to say? Who gets to decide who is a blogger to endorse, and who isn't? There are many questions this…

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