Laura Haines

Laura is a Christian, a wife, a daughter. She has a BBehavSci and GradDipCouns. She works as an International Student Worker at St Helen's Bishopsgate, London.

Book Review: Is The Bible Good For Women?

Is the Bible good for women? It is definitely a question worth asking. For many women reading some parts of the Bible can be a hazardous task. Amongst stories of great women in the Bible there are also many stories of women being mistreated, as well as laws and instructions…

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Beauty, the Beast, and Petitions

'Tale as old as time.' Literally. I think the story of needing redemption from a curse brought about by living for your self and your pleasure is a pretty well worn tale. But I'll get to that in a moment. I saw the live-action remake of Beauty and the…

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Book Review: Honest Evangelism

'Honest Evangelism: How to talk about Jesus even when it's tough' by Rico Tice has glowing recommendations from many well known authors, it even has a foreword from Don Carson. I liked this book. It was short like 'Intentional', again only 101 pages, although the book is slightly bigger and…

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Book Review: Intentional

If you think that sharing the gospel of Jesus is important but you aren't sure how to do it or find it scary, and you don't feel like you have the time to read a big book about it, this is the book for you! Intentional: Evangelism That Takes People…

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Book Review: Made for More

Last year I realised that most of the Christian books I read are written by men. Sure, they are godly men who write great books, but it dawned on me that I should be seeking out great books written by godly women too! Especially if I want to be supporting…

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