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Book Review: Intentional

If you think that sharing the gospel of Jesus is important but you aren't sure how to do it or find it scary, and you don't feel like you have the time to read a big book about it, this is the book for you!

Intentional: Evangelism That Takes People To Jesus by Paul Williams is a tiny book. About A5 sized with large print and it's only 101 pages. I think I read the whole think in around 1.5 to 2 hours. It is written in a very conversational style with lots of personal stories so it is easy to read as well as short.

But don't let it's size or ease of reading fool you, this book is full of good stuff!

Paul Williams starts by setting out the heart of evangelism; that there is nothing more important than people hearing the saving message of Jesus death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sins and trusting in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. He then goes on the address the main reason people don't share this most important news with others. Which is fear.

After looking at the fear which keeps most Christians from sharing the gospel, Williams shares his personal evangelism strategy and how he tries to point conversations to the person of Jesus and eventually to the cross.

The biggest strength of this book is that he spends 3 of the 10 chapters giving worked examples and frameworks for thinking about questions people ask and how to point people to Jesus using Scripture which I found helpful.

A minor criticism I would have is that it assumes that people will ask questions, which is not always the case. And he does acknowledge that sometimes people won't want to talk and the conversation won't go anywhere, and that it's okay.

Overall I think this is a fantastic book and resource with loads of practical advice and examples. I would recommend it to anyone from teens right through to the oldest person you know. It is really accessible and easy to read and holds your hand through the process of evangelism without being patronising. The heart for the Gospel really shines through in this book and it is a great resource for encouraging anyone in sharing the good news.

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