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Book Review: Practical Theology For Women

Another book by a wonderful woman! Although I talk about Wendy Alsup all the time, I had only ever read her blog. So I was curious to read her in a longer format of a book.

When I first heard the title of the book (which is also the title of her blog), I thought, "well that's a bit silly, theology is for everyone, not just women!". But actually, Alsup's aim here is not to separate 'Theology for Women' and 'Theology for Men', but she explains in the introduction to Part One;

"Perhaps you ask, why write a theology book specifically geared toward women? Is this theology different from what should be in a book for men? Absolutely not! But for some reason, most theology books are written by men and aimed at a predominantly male audience. With this book, I hope to fight the unspoken mentality that theology is for men, while parenting, sewing, or dieting classes are for women." - Wendy Alsup, Practical Theology for Women

Alsup is writing primarily to women who either don't think that theology, ie. the study of God and His truth, is for them, or they think that you have to go to a Bible College to study it, or that women shouldn't be studying theology.

She does a great job of explaining that actually, theology is for all Christians because at the heart of it, it's just studying the Bible deeply which gives a better knowledge of God and informs our practice and the way we live.

The book is made up of 15 chapters, split into three sections;

  • What is theology?
  • Who is our God?
  • Communicating with our God

Through all of these sections she does a great job of explaining; faith and why it's important to study the Bible (aka. theology) to be able to live it better; who God is and what He does, including a great explanation of the theology of the Trinity and goes into detail about God the Father, Son and Spirit; and then what this means for our lives which includes a little theology of prayer and scripture.

Overall this is a great book which covers the basics of Christian belief at the same time as convincing readers that it is worth the time and effort to understand God and His Word more deeply through theology.

Unlike 'Made for More' which I reviewed a little while ago, Practical Theology For Women doesn't have many fluffy bits. It's much more the style of book I enjoy reading. Relatively straightforward and logical without unnecessary frilling it up and making it 'feminine'.

I really recommend this book to anyone who doesn't think that they should study theology. Or someone who wants to know more about God but isn't sure why they should study the Bible in this way. Alongside reading the Bible, this is a great place to start your journey in thinking theologically.

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