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Conversations about Women in Ministry

If you have been following my Facebook Page you'll know that a few months ago I met up with a friend of mine, Ella Hickey, to talk about women in ministry, and the debate between egalitarian and complementarian understandings of what the Bible says about the way men and women relate to one another.

We are both pretty passionate about it and it was a great opportunity to do some extended reading. I lent her 'God's Good Design' by Clare Smith, and she gave me the middle chapter of Kevin Giles' book 'The Trinity and Subordinationism'. This led me to read a bunch of original sources from people like Luther, Calvin, Chrysostom and some Puritans as well which I enjoyed although it was hard work!

This conversation was initially intended to be posted as a transcript but I soon realised that there was far too much content and that I wanted to share it all. So I have delved into the world of audio editing to bring this to you. (The sound quality isn't great, sorry!)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thanks for listening! If you'd like to hear more conversations like this in the future comment below and I might consider how to make it possible!

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